Tanning Salons

A Gentle, Safe In-Room Drying Unit
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Treat Your Customers to the Ultimate After-Tan Luxury

– Dry Them with a Warm, Gentle Breeze of Air –


  • Helps prevents running and smudging of tanning solution
  • Speeds drying time / Promotes faster customer turnover
  • Eliminates soiled towels
  • Provides a lasting impression / Gets return customers


  • Low operating costs / Energy efficient
  • Reliable / Maintenance-free
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Installs in dry or wet environment

Ideal for:

  • Spray tanning booths that do not already have a built-in dryer
  • Air brush tanning rooms

Create a “buzz” and attract new customers!

From our Tanning Salon Clients:

– “We’ve been using two of the dryers for over 18 months.  Now that we’re expanding our business, we’ve ordered two more dryers.”

– “The fan we used to use took forever and customers complained of being cold.  Now, they dry quickly, evenly and warmly, and rave about the dryer.”

– “Our customers get dry in a couple of minutes, allowing us to turn the room over much more quickly.  The dryer quickly pays for itself by improving our turnover times and by creating more word-of-mouth business.” 

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