A Gentle, Safe In-Shower Drying Unit
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People rave about their body dryer…

“With the Body Dryer, I’m dry in about 2 minutes, but it feels so great and is so relaxing, my husband can’t get me to come out of the shower.”  (Mary J. –  Billings, MT)

“We wanted to create the ultimate master bath. The Tornado Body Dryer is the icing-on-the-cake.”  (Kathy B. – Dana Point, CA)

“My elderly mother was having great difficulty holding onto a grab bar with one hand while trying to towel-dry with her other hand. It was an accident waiting to happen.”  (Gene B. – Lafayette, IN)

When asked about the body dryer, the mother of a young man that lost his arms in an accident simply exclaimed: “It is amazing!”  (Janet D. – Prescott, AZ)

“Robert was diagnosed with ALS last year.  We learned about the dryer from other ALS families and purchased one after doing lots of research.  Can’t imagine life without one.”  (Mercedes J. – Athens, OH)

“Richard, I want to thank you for your contribution.  As a veteran yourself, I’m sure you understand how difficult it can be to adapt to life after such devastating injuries as endured by our son.  The dryer is one of many items used by our son to adapt, but it is the one thing he talks about the most to his buddies.”  (John E. – Encinitas, CA)

Hi Richard. Just so you know, we got the “tornado” in short order.  It was installed yesterday in our bathroom – Brian tried it out this morning and it’s a dream!  He’s been looking for something like this for over 10 years!  We bought a second one for my mom and when she moves into her new house in June we will install it for her.  Thanks for all your help.  It has exceeded our expectations and I’m very pleased.”  (Liz S. – Sarasota, FL)

A Husband’s Story:  “It was my wife’s idea to get the dryer.  I fought it all the way.  I could not imagine just standing in the shower waiting to get dry.  I hate waiting for anything.  I need to be active.  After she had been using the dryer for a couple of weeks (I had never used the darn thing), she bought me an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer and convinced me to brush my teeth while I was using the body dryer.  Now I have my routine.  After I shower, I turn-on the dryer, load up my toothbrush and start brushing.  After 2 minutes, the timer shuts-off, the toothbrush and my teeth are clean…and I’m dry.  This thing is perfect.”  (Don G. – Macon, GA)

“Trying to help my mother in the shower (she is 88 and cannot stand for any length of time nor expend very much energy doing anything) used to be painful for both of us.  Things have gone great since getting the body dryer.  After washing her, I turn the dryer on low while I rinse her.  After rinsing, I turn the dryer on high, close the door, and she sits there and enjoys her “spa”.  She hates to come out — it is so comfortable and relaxing for her.”  (Donna T. – Lebanon, TN)

“We live in Canada and it gets really cold.  With its two settings, the dryer keeps us nice and warm during and after our shower.”  (Irma A. – Calgary, AB)

“I called Support on Saturday morning to ask a question about installing the dryer.  To my surprise, Stephen returned my call within minutes and answered my contractor’s question.”  (Tom H. – Reston, VA)

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