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Body Washing Systems

Are you an upper-limb amputee or are you physically challenged in that you are unable to fully use one or both arms/hands?  Or, is it simply difficult or painful to reach some areas of your body when taking a shower?

For complete bathing independence, we offer you the tools needed for washing: the Tornado Body Washing System (see below) and for drying: the Tornado Body Dryer.

The Tornado Body Washing System is a unique product designed to be flexible enough to meet your very specific individual needs.  You may need help washing your entire body.  Or, you may need the Washing System to wash just one, or a few areas — an arm or feet, legs or back, or perhaps your face and hair because reaching up is difficult.

What would you say to no more difficult bending and reaching, no more inconveniencing your family, no more awkward movements for your caregiver who gets soaked in the process, no more indignity while doing an otherwise everyday activity?

You are about to discover an entirely new way of washing yourself with the use of Cleansing Bars mounted on your shower wall — placed exactly where you need them for YOUR body.

Welcome to the world of independent showering!
Welcome to the Tornado Body Washing System!

There are TWO versions of the Tornado Body Washing System: Basic and Premium. You mount either System on the inside of your shower wall.

The First Version:  The Basic Tornado Body Washing System

The Basic Body Washing System was developed for someone who has the use of at least one arm and hand.  This means you can wash some portions of your body with your washcloth.  For areas you can’t reach, the System provides two sponge-covered Cleansing Bars.

To use the Cleansing Bars, you pour water onto the sponges to get them wet, and operate the soap dispenser with your “good” arm.  To cleanse the parts of your body that you can’t reach, you simply rub against the soapy sponges to wash.

Most users position one Cleansing Bar for their upper body, and one for their legs and feet.  But the Bars can be mounted in any configuration.  (See “What Do I Get” below for additional items.)

The Second Version:  The Premium Tornado Body Washing System

The Premium Body Washing System was developed for someone who has lost partial or total use of both arms or hands.  The Premium Tornado Body Washing System is also suitable for those with dexterity or obesity issues.

The Premium System has the same features as the Basic, but it includes four Cleansing Bars plus a completely independent Soap Delivery System.

The Premium System provides cleansing of the entire body: 1) the head, face and neck; 2) the upper torso, including the arms; 3) the bottom torso, including the stomach, the groin and buttocks; and 4) the legs and feet.

What Do I Get with My Tornado Body Washing System?

The Cleansing Bars, oversize sponges and attachment ties, and a specialty drill bit to ensure accurate hole placements are all included with both systems.  In addition, the Premium System includes a multi-channel Soap Dispenser unit that contains tubing to carry the soap to the individual Cleansing Bars and Hide-A-Tube Covers to conceal and protect the tubing.

With both Systems, we also provide recommendations for positioning of the cleansing bars, along with templates and other helpful advice for placement of the components.  This allows you to plan the layout of your specific System before installing.

Complete and detailed installation instructions, a link to an installation “how-to” video, and the templates, tools and diagrams included mean you can position and install the system so that it will work perfectly for you.

Special Note about Your Shower Head:

The user of the Basic System can pour water on the sponges because he/she has one good arm.  However, a double arm amputee, and those with other disabilities, may not be able to reach up and adjust the aim of a single shower head.  So for the Premium Tornado Body Washing System user, we strongly recommend two shower heads — one aimed at the user, and the second aimed at the sponges.

While we have tried to include everything you need, we have intentionally omitted a two-head shower system from the Premium Tornado Body Washing System.  We have done so because not all users will need the presence of two shower heads, various two-headed shower systems differ greatly in price, and some may want two shower feeds, not just two shower heads.

What About Getting Dry?

For complete independence in the shower, we recommend the Tornado Body Washing System be combined with the Tornado Body Dryer for towel-less, hands-free drying after the shower.  The simple joy of having total self-sufficiency and privacy to wash and dry oneself without the need for assistance is immeasurable.

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