Why Tornado?

A Gentle, Safe In-Shower Drying Unit
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Why a Tornado Body Dryer?

Since Spring 2009, Tornado Body Dryer, LLC has been providing a body dryer that is…


  • Can be installed inside a shower enclosure, by a tub, or in a room
  • Dries you from head to toes and all around even if you don’t move
    – Drying air flows softly around you
       (thus the Tornado name)
  • Its gentle breeze of warmed air is…
    – Loved by the able-bodied
       (feels spa-like, luxurious)
    – A godsend for the physically-challenged
       (safe enough for a burn patient)


  • Safety Certified to work in North America and most overseas countries
  • Used in personal residences and in commercial/industrial settings
  • Perfect for…
    – Homeowners
    – Hotels (for their luxury suites and their handicap rooms)
    – Fitness & Swimming Centers / Resorts / Spas / Country Clubs
    – Dormitories, Military Barracks, and Athlete Locker Rooms
    – Government Facilities and Businesses with showers for employees
    – Spray-Tan Tanning Salons (no blotching / no hard-to-clean towels)
    – Truck Stops and KOA-types of Traveler’s Facilities
    – Ships / Yachts / RV’s (save on towel storage space and laundry)
    – Hospitals / Nursing Homes / Assisted Living Centers / Aging-in-Place
    – Prisons (towels can be used to harm oneself or others)
    – Homeless Shelters and Day Care Centers

The Tornado Body Dryer is not simply a gigantic hair dryer; nor is it a low-cost, poor-quality product mass produced in a far-away country where English is rarely spoken.  Rather, it is a high-tech, engineering marvel that will add value to your home or business and provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

The Tornado Body Dryers (Model Apres – USA) sold by Tornado Body Dryer, LLC between the dates of Jan. 2012 and July 2021 is affixed with a label that contains an unauthorized UL Mark.  The Tornado Body Dryers (Model Apres – USA) sold by Tornado Body Dryer, LLC with the UL Mark has not been tested or certified to any UL safety requirements or standards.

Tornado Body Dryer, LLC is 100% owned
operated by U.S. Military Veterans.

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